Here's which Kardashian lost the most followers in the Twitter Purge

Rachel Kraus

The Twitter purge is upon us. Followers are dropping like Russian robot flies. And like every revolution, it is our ruling class who now feels the swift fury of justice.

America's first family (the Kardashians, of course) have a child billionaire, a momager extraordinaire, and an undeniable Kween in Kim. How did they grow to such heights? Social media, of course. But she who giveth, taketh away.

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Twitter is purging inactive accounts, which is already affecting power users like Donald Trump. And like most public figures with lots of followers, the Kardashians have all taken a hit. But as of 4pm, one hour into the purge, the Kardashian who had lost the most followers was...


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In the first hour of the purge, Kim went from 60.2 million followers to 58.5 — a difference of 1.7 million. 👏

That loss makes sense, though. The more followers you have, the more you stand to lose. And with more than twice as many as even the second most  popular sister on Twitter, of course Kim was gonna get this one.

Kim before.

Image: screenshot: Twitter

Kim after.

Image: screenshot: Twitter

Here's how the rest of the Kardashians stacked up. Please note that Kris's fans were 99.39 percent real. Because nobody krosses Kris.

And, at this point, we have to put in a huge Mea Culpa. We were unfortunately unable to capture Caitlyn Jenner's original followers. So this comparison only includes the daughters and momager. Plz forgive us, and let this hot pink chart make amends.

Kardashian Kuts.

Image: rachel kraus/mashable

Though Khloe lost fewer followers numerically, as a percentage, Khloe apparently had the most fake fans — she retained 96.9 percent of her followers, compared to Kim's 97.2. Not a good look Khlo!

Khloe lost the largest percentage of followers.

Image: screenshot: Twitter

But still, as a percentage, these ladies are all doing verrrryyy well. Apparently, Kardashian fans are nothing if not loyal.

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