An I'm A Celebrity-style bug challenge is coming to London

Naomi Ackerman

If the creepy crawlies on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity have you hiding behind the sofa, then London’s latest attraction may be just a little too scary.

Giant tarantulas, hungry piranhas and hissing cockroaches will be among the “critters” greeting visitors to the interactive Rainforest Adventure, which opens at SEA LIFE London on Saturday.

Like contestants in the reality show’s Bushtucker Trial, visitors can stand inside clear plastic bubbles as the inches-long cockroaches and tarantula crawl overhead.

Another bubble houses thousands of ants, which march in transparent tubes to collect food. Scorpions, acid-spitting “assassin bugs”, crocodiles, pythons and giant “vegetarian” piranhas called pacus are also among the 50 species on show.

Georgia Toffolo taking part in a Bushtucker Trial on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' (Rex Features)

Interactions on offer involve sticking hands inside “mystery bags” filled with rainforest creatures as a holographic statue of TV adventurer, Andy Torbet, guides visitors through a day in the jungle. For me, seeing a stray giant cockroach walking around on the platform as I fed the pirhanas made me scream in a way I hoped would never happen in a professional context. I have a huge fear of creepy crawlies.

​Torbet said: “We’re inviting families to come face-to-face with some of the most fearsome, weird and wonderful creatures to be found in the depth of the rainforest.”

The South Bank exhibit includes information on each species and has a wall addressing the destruction of the rainforest. Entrance to the Rainforest Adventure is included in SEA LIFE London tickets, priced from £26 for adults and £21 per child on the day.