'I owe you my life': Suicidal woman thanks Met police officers who saved her life in heartwarming message

Francesca Gillett
'I owe you my life', the woman tells police officers: Kingston MPS

A suicidal woman who was rescued by police in south west London has penned a heartwarming note thanking the officers who saved her life.

The brave police officers talked the woman down from the roof of a multi-storey car park in Kingston earlier this month.

The woman has since posted a poignant thank you card to the police, to whom she said: “I owe you my life.”

In the thank you message, which arrived at the police station on Monday morning, the woman writes: “This is for everyone who assisted in my safe removal from the car park roof on Sunday, April 2.

Touching: The thank you card was 'a lovely thing', police said. (MPS Kingston)

“I owe you my life. This has been a massive wake up call.

“I have now been alcohol free ten days and intend to be for the rest of my life.

“Thank you for that second chance by your quick-thinking and professionalism.

“A special thanks to PC Knowles (I believe that’s his name) who talked to me and kept me as calm as possible throughout the whole process.

“I can’t thank you all enough!”

The thank you message ends with her name, which has been hidden, and a smiley face and ‘x’.

PC Sebastian Ellis, from Kingston Police, told the Standard the Met branch is trying to find the officers who were involved in the call, which came in on Sunday, April 2 at 6.19pm.

He said: “It’s great, a lot of the time we don’t expect a thank you, we are just doing a job.

“To us it’s just a call and we do our best at each call.

"But for someone to take the time and write to us and to say how the course of their life has changed, it really sort of hits home.

“It’s just a lovely thing. It’s like a pat on the back.”

As well as this card, Kingston Police previously said the borough’s police station has been getting fan mail following PC Dan Graham's appearance on Britain’s Got Talent as a dancing policeman.