'Postwoman attacked by dangerously out of control chihuahua'

John Dunne
Ankle biter? The court heard that Louie was off his leash before the alleged attack

A “dangerously out of control”chihuahua bit a postwoman’s ankle as she made her rounds and left her needing hospital treatment, a court heard.

Seven-year-old pet Louie is accused of attacking Amy Ash, leaving her with two puncture wounds after “hanging off” her leg.

She claims owner John Anslow let Louie and another dog off their leashes near his house in Wimbledon at 10.45am on March 3 last year.

Mr Anslow, 63, denies a charge of being the owner of a dangerously out of control dog, causing injury.

He told Kingston crown court that Louie, who is eight inches high, was a “laid-back” dog and that it did not go near Ms Ash’s ankle.

“No way did I go within two feet of Amy Ash. It didn’t happen,” he told the court, saying that Louie had only barked. “He loves the children in the family, he’s a family dog.” He said Ms Ash had walked away without indicating that she had been bitten.

However, Ms Ash said she had sought hospital treatment and reported the incident to Royal Mail bosses and the police. The court heard that Anslow has already been given a behaviour order by police. He has agreed to keep his dogs on a leash in public.

Jurors also heard Anslow had previously complained to a Royal Mail postman about “junk mail”.

The trial continues.