'Privatisation of elderly care is a disaster': your best comments today

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Two NHS staff walk with an elderly patient outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Discussion on a piece airing worries about NHS privatisation dominates much of the conversation on site today. Reaction to some of the big winners at the Baftas and an oddly named form of exercise that does the world good also got you talking.

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Yes, the NHS is fractured. But competition won’t heal it

This is the view of columnist Polly Toynbee, who says the latest NHS reorganisation has reawakened fears of privatisation – here, we look at some of your reaction.

‘All that is needed is some joined up thinking’

Yet another disastrous attempt by the Tories to introduce competition instead of co-operation. All that is needed is some joined up thinking, provide Local Authorities with enough ring fenced funding for social care and most of the so called problems will disappear.

The privatisation of care for the elderly has caused so many difficulties and is failing to produce the level of service required. It has made some organisations very profitable, but austerity and cuts to local authority budgets will cause more problems over time.

‘Amid this shambles there are a lot people working very hard’

Utter chaos. Unbelievable that Hunt demanded not to move from health or he would resign, and May broadened his remit to include social care. Talk about rewarding failure!

Amid this shambles there are a lot people working very hard to keep things going. Their commitment to the patient is what the NHS is founded on. We need to back them with funding the service needs.

Melancholy and Mother Courage: why Three Billboards won the 2018 Baftas

Frances McDormand, who took the Leading Actress award for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Photograph: Guy Levy/BAFTA/REX/Shutterstock

Readers have enjoyed discussing what Bafta got right and wrong in handing out its awards on Sunday.

‘Maybe some got carried away with a picture like this having a British connection’

Wasn’t surprised Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (almost) swept the board, although I don’t see it doing the same at the Oscars. I think that maybe some got carried away with a picture like this having a British connection, as whilst the acting is amazing and I can’t begrudge any acting awards it gets, it’s a massively flawed film.

That said, the way it’s inspired political and social activism is a surprising and interesting development and whilst I think it has some huge missteps I think it’s a film that has a particular cultural resonance for the age. And maybe the messiness and the flaws make that even more pertinent.

‘The characters in Three Billboards had depth’

I found The Shape of Water to be rather boring and derivative. OK, it’s nice to have an homage to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but did we need such cardboard characters (and stereotypes) to populate that homage? I found the characters in Three Billboards had depth, and the compassion which this violent film ultimately displayed was more moving than Shape.

A rubbish way to get fit – why I loved going ‘plogging’

Do we need to take more responsibility for litter on our beaches? Photograph: Hannele Lahti/Getty Images/National Geographic RF

Despite the silly name, you seem to have been impressed with this form of exercise that helps not only the person doing it. Some of you also shared your ideas.

‘I might as well just pick it up!’

I walk my dog and decided a couple of years back that if I saw rubbish that annoyed me, I might just as well pick it up! Usually we do the same walk, and I discovered that if I did a good job once, it looked a lot better for at least a week. I like to do it on the night the bins go out in my area: it gives me a place to put the junk, and it’s quite satisfying.
Judith Kellett

‘Doing the two minute beach clean can be disheartening’

I’m in a group that runs and picks up littler along the beach. It’s a great idea. Before that I used to do the ‘two minute beach clean’ - you just spend two minutes of your regular walk picking up litter. It was a bit down heartening, though I could pick up a vast amount in two minutes there was always far, far more left behind.

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