'Rambo' fugitive accused of killing spree captured in Spain after deadly police shootout

Nick Squires
Norbert Feher, alias Igor Vaclavic, had been on the run for months, having allegedly shot dead two men in Italy in the spring - Il Sussidiario

A fugitive killer nicknamed Rambo, who allegedly killed two men in Italy, has been arrested in a shootout in Spain in which he allegedly killed a further three people.

Norbert Feher, alias Igor Vaclavic, had been on the run since April, when he allegedly shot dead a park ranger and a barman in Italy.

A massive manhunt was launched involving hundreds of police and soldiers, but the Serbian, who is rumoured to be a former soldier, went to ground.

Hiding in woods and marshland and apparently living off the land, he was dubbed ‘Rambo’ by the Italian media for his apparent wilderness survival skills.

The trail went cold until today, when he was arrested after a gunfight at a farmhouse near the town of Teruel in Aragon, eastern Spain, in which he allegedly killed two Spanish police officers and a farmer.

A massive manhunt was launched for Feher in April this year after he allegedly shot dead two men in northern Italy Credit: MEGA

He had been hiding out on a farm and opened fire after police closed in on him. He then escaped in a pick-up truck but reportedly crashed the vehicle. He was arrested at around 3am on Friday.

The alleged killer was found with three pistols, two of which he had taken from the Spanish officers he allegedly murdered. He is also wanted for armed robbery and sexual assault in his native Serbia.

Police had been hunting Feher ever since he went on the rampage in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna in the spring. He allegedly shot dead a 52-year-old man in an attempted robbery of a bar in the town of Budrio near Bologna on April 1.

A week later he was challenged by a park ranger and a police officer, who were patrolling a wood and thought he might be a poacher.

Feher allegedly shot both of them, killing the gamekeeper and seriously wounding the police officer.

He was believed to be living off the land in wooded countryside between Bologna and Ferrara in northern Italy, scavenging fruit from orchards and eggs from chicken coops and drinking from streams.

The Italian authorities warned that he was armed and dangerous but despite a huge manhunt, which involved paratroopers, snipers with night vision goggles and sniffer dogs, he evaded capture.

Marco Minniti, the Italian interior minister, thanked the Spanish authorities for capturing the fugitive. “Our thoughts go to the victims in Budrio and the victims in Spain,” he said.

Tullio Del Sette, the commandant general of the Italian Carabinieri, said: “We never stopped looking for this very dangerous individual.”