'Release the memo': Republicans demand private memo containing revelations 'worse than Watergate' is made public

Sean Morrison
Republicans got the hashtag 'ReleaseTheMemo' trending on Twitter: AP

Republicans are demanding a private memo shown to the US intelligence committee is made public.

The hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo began trending on Twitter after a number of Republicans took to the social media site to call for its release.

While they could not reveal its contents, some of those who read the document have raised alarm.

Congressman Steve King branded the issue “worse than Watergate”.

President Richard Nixon pictured during watergate (AP)

Others described what they read as “alarming” and “shocking” as they rallied for the report to be released after it was shown to all members of the House.

According to US media, reports suggest the memo may contain answers to allegations surrounding the FBI, the US Justice Department and the “Trump dossier”.

The dossier, which was published in full by BuzzFeed in January last year, contains a number of unverified claims about US President Donald Trump's ties to Russia.