Apparently, The Penguin show is here to save our superhero fatigue

 The Penguin.
The Penguin.

The Batman spin-off show The Penguin is still on its way, and HBO and Max Content CEO Casey Bloys doesn't think 'superhero fatigue' will get in the way of its success.

"I don't know that it's necessarily tentpole fatigue as much as it is a sameness of storytelling," Bloys explained (via Deadline). "I think the key, even within DC, is trying to tell different stories in different styles, to not try to do the same show over and over and over again. I would say Peacemaker is a very different show tonally than The Penguin. So, there's not a uniformity to the storytelling and I think that helps."

Set in Matt Reeves' Gotham, the show is set to explore Penguin's journey to holding power in Gotham's underworld. Colin Farrell stars as the titular Batman villain with Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone, Clancy Brown as Salvatore Maroni, Michael Kelly as Johnny Vitti, and Michael Zegen as Alberto Falcone.

Production on the series was halted due to the WGA strike, and the series will likely miss its intended Spring 2024 release window.

Added Bloys: "Unfortunately, Marvel, as good as their shows are, there's probably been a lot of them. That's one of the advantages we have at Warner Bros. is it's not just one set of stories. There's a lot of stories you can go to."

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has also spoken out about superhero fatigue, stating that the solution is to adapt superhero films and TV shows into different genres – which we can see the studio is starting to do with the more serious Secret Invasion and the upcoming TV-MA series Echo.

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