Apple adds buy now pay later feature as host of other developments unveiled

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iPhone users will be able to edit Messages after they have been sent in Apple's new software update, beating Twitter to a long-requested feature.

Users will also be able to unsend messages sent in error.

The edit button was among a range of new features the company revealed at its annual software developer conference.

Apple will also let US users buying products through its software buy now and pay later, letting people pay in four instalments spread over six weeks with no interest charges.

The new offering will see it compete with fintech companies like Klarna and ClearPay.

Apple Pay Later will be available anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted and will be managed through the Wallet.

The firm also announced a series of redesigned lock screens that users can set for different days of the week.

For example, it will mean people can set a screen that does not show work-related notifications over weekends - and another for work days that does not include social media notifications.

It is also joining forces with e-commerce platform Shopify so users will be able to track their orders via the Apple Wallet app.

Other changes being made include:
• Better rendering of landmarks on its Maps software
• Live sport scores on Apple TV
• Shared video-watching app available in messaging

It said its new MacBook Air laptop had been "completely redesigned" around its new M2 silicon processor, which it says is 35% faster than the previous M1 chip.

The new laptop will be 1.2 kg and have a 1080p high-definition camera to provide better images on video calls.

The tech company also announced it would add a tool called "Safety Check" to turn off access to sensitive information for people in abusive situations.

And it is set to more deeply integrate its software into the instrument cluster on the dashboard of cars that will start shipping next year.

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