What is Apple AirTag? Small tracking tile launched for iPhone users

Andrew Griffin
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Apple has finally launched its AirTags, allowing the iPhone to find other objects.

The small pucks can be attached to things – such as bags, keys, or anything else that might be lost – and then found using technology in the iPhone.

It includes a precision tracking feature that allows the phone to point specifically to where an item is.

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It does that using the U1 chip inside the iPhone, which can precisely find other objects.

All of those features will be controlled from Apple’s Find My app, which already offers the ability to track other people as well as Apple devices.

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It does that by signing up all devices into one cohesive network: if an iPhone goes near a missing MacBook, for instance, the computer will be able to borrow its internet connection and ping its owner. The AirTags can take advantage of that, too.

Throughout, Apple has stressed the importance of privacy in those features. No location data is stored within the AirTag, all communication with that network is encrypted and anonymous, and the trackers feature a range of technologies intended to keep them secure, including alerting people if an AirTag is tracking them to stop them being used for stalking.

The AirTags cost $29, or can be bought as a four pack for $99. They will be available 30 April.

Apple also said that it had worked on leather holders for the items with Hermes. It did not reveal a price for those.

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