Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: Best deals in January 2023

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In the market for the latest iPhone 14? As with its previous iPhone 13 offering, Apple has released not one, but four, different handsets under its latest iteration iPhone 14 – with the Pro Max sitting firmly at the top of the range.

Slightly cheaper alternatives are the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus and ‘entry level’ iPhone 14.

Getting an iPhone 14 Pro Max

Just like any other model in Apple’s latest range, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is now available for pre-order. However, you’ll have to wait until Friday 16 September to actually get your hands on one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pro Max – around both the hardware and the best deals – ahead of that date, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

iPhone 14 Pro Max cost

The cost of an iPhone 14 Pro Max handset starts at £1,199 for a phone with a basic capacity of 128G.

iPhone 14 Pro Max display

The iPhone Pro Max 14 comes with a 6.7” Super Retina XDR display and a camera notch that alters size according to the apps you’re using. For example, the notch will show notification text and media controls.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s display is also what Apple terms as ‘Always On’. This means that it will show basic information such as the time and some notifications while in standby mode.

iPhone 14 Pro Max battery

Apple says the new iPhone Pro Max’s battery will hold out for 23 hours’ worth of video playback, and will charge to 50% in half an hour using a 20W adapter.

A16 Bionic processor

Debuting with the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the A16 Bionic processor, consisting of a six-core CPU and a five-core GPU with 50% more memory bandwidth than the A15 Bionic chip of previous iPhones – and the iPhone and iPhone Plus versions of the 14 range.

iPhone 14 Pro Max camera

Apple has finally caught up with its contemporaries by significantly boosting the iPhone’s main camera pixel count. The iPhone 14 Pro Max features a  48 megapixel (MP) main lens with a quad-pixel sensor for much more detailed photography.

iPhone 14 Pro: Everything else

The iPhone 14 Pro Max will eschew the SIM card tray slot found on the sides of all previous iPhones. Instead, the new handset will use a virtual ‘eSIM’ card – allowing users to have multiple phone numbers and data plans on the same device.

The Pro Max will also use satellites to help people in danger reach emergency services if they don’t have a signal.

Finally, Apple has made the new iPhone more customisable with various typefaces and colour schemes to choose from as part of the new iOS16 operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the new iPhone 14 Pro Max cost?

This will vary depending on the capacity you require, with prices ranging from £1,199 right up to £1,749. See details below.

128GB – £1,199

256GB – £1,309

512GB – £1,529

1T – £1,749

When can I get an iPhone 14 Pro Max?

This model, along with the other iPhone 14 range, is available from Friday 16 September. However, you have been able to pre-order since Friday 9 September.

What colours does the iPhone 14 Pro Max come in?

Both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro come in deep purple, gold, silver and space black.

What are the best deals on the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

It depends what you’re looking for. But it’s easy to compare tariffs for this and other iPhone 14 models based on either the cheapest phone or monthly contract cost. You can also select the handset colour, phone capacity and network provider.