Apple self-driving car testing plan reveals details about its autonomous technology

Sarmistha Acharya
Apple self-driving car

In a document submitted to California regulators earlier this month, Apple has outlined plan to train the operators of self-driving cars, seeding details about its autonomous driving system technology.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles granted a permission to Apple to test self-driving cars on 14 April.

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In a document released by California containing Apple application, obtained by Reuters, reveals details about company's self-driving car technology.

Included in the application is a 10-page training plan related to operators taking back manual control of the car during automated driving exercise of the system.

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It also includes a document called "Automated System: Development Platform Specific Training Overview" which aims "to train safety drivers in various automated driving conditions".

The document reads, "Development platform will be controlled electronically (e.g. joystick) and safety drivers must be ready to intervene and take control."

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The document states high-speed driving, tight U-turns and lane changes, are some of the aspects need to be tested.

However, it does not include details about how Apple's self-driving car works, the kind of sensors are found on its three permitted vehicles or other technical details.

In a letter sent to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple noted its development platform "will have the ability to capture and store relevant data before a collision occurs".

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