How to apply for or renew a Blue Badge online

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Disabled Blue Badge holders only
Disabled Blue Badge holders only

Disabled drivers rivers eligible for a Blue Badge can apply online via the government website.

A Blue Badge allows parking in disabled bays, so people with mobility issues can stop closer to their destination.

The online service should make the process of applying for one quick and easy. The Department for Transport (DfT) says it can be completed in less than half an hour.

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In the past, applicants were asked to send supporting documents in the post, leading to lengthy waits while the application was processed.

A survey found it took an average of 17 days for a driver to receive a Blue Badge – or 28 days if a medical assessment was required.

Now, all documents, including photographs and proof of identity, can be uploaded to the Blue Badge website. The process takes around 13 minutes, or up to 30 minutes if additional information is required.

Video guide to applying for a Blue Badge

To apply or renew, visit the website. You will need details of your current Blue Badge (if you have one), a digital or signed photograph, your National Insurance number, proof of identification, proof of benefits (if you receive any) and proof of residence.

The fee for a Blue Badge is up to £10 in England and £20 in Scotland, while Welsh motorists don’t have to pay. A badge usually lasts up to three years.

Note: you can save your application and return to it later if needed.

The process is also different if you live in Northern Ireland. Follow this link to apply if so.

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