The Apprentice fires candidate after immersive experience task

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The Apprentice spoilers follow.

It was a brand-new episode of The Apprentice tonight (February 23) and that meant another candidate had to leave the process.

The remaining nine contestants were summoned to County Hall in London for a challenging task. Split into two groups, they had to provide paying customers with the best immersive experience for a chance to continue in the race to become Lord Sugar's next business partner.

Stepping up as project manager for one of the two teams was Mark Moseley, but his efforts weren't enough to lead him and his colleagues to victory and he was ultimately fired.

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Mark's team, also including Dani Donovan, Victoria Goulbourne, Megan Hornby and Simba Rwambiwa, opted for a prison-themed experience, serving inmates burgers and treating them to a magician's performance.

The project manager had to readjust his expectations and significantly lower his initial price of £200 per ticket. The smaller profit meant that they had to go out of their way to secure the magician, jeopardising the final win.

The other group was led by Avi Sharma, with Rochelle Anthony, Marnie Swindells and Bradley Johnson helping him set up a Victorian-era experience, paired with a menu of pie and mash and a tour of the old mines.

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Avi and Rochelle continuously clashed on how to approach potential customers and at what price they should book a contortionist. Also, the project manager offered customers free pictures instead of upselling, awkwardly backtracking during the event.

As for Mark, Victoria and Marnie, they failed to communicate properly what punters should expect from their jail-like experience.

Customers weren't given any warning that they'd be shouted at by Megan and Simba dressed up as police officers. For their part, the two candidates-turned-actors tried their best to entertain guests, managing to turn their teammates' mistake around.

Later on, Lord Sugar's aides Karren Brady and Tim Campbell revealed Mark's team earned just £121.50, mostly due to the high fee they'd paid for the magician, while Avi's group made £858.

Lord Sugar spared Megan and Simba, who had given their all during the task, but called back Mark, Victoria and Marnie in the boardroom. It was Mark who was told to go for losing control of the profit-and-loss account and for his lack of communication with customers.

The Apprentice airs on BBC One, with spin-off series You're Fired airing immediately afterwards on BBC Two.

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