'The Apprentice' first look: Candidates clash over fishy task

Watch: Apprentice candidates fish for a win - but who will land a catch?

The Apprentice candidates find a fishy task sets them against each other in the latest episode - but who will land the big catch and win the challenge?

Lord Sugar asks the teams to create a fish dish to sell at as big a profit as possible, but not only do they need to design the recipe - they also have to catch the fish to go in it.

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Some of the candidates might have been looking out to sea wondering how brushing up on their angling skills related to proving their business nouse and it seems like a fair question - particularly for vegan contestant Francesca Kennedy Wallbank, although she catches more fish than anyone else.

The contestants clash over a fishy task.
The contestants clash over a fishy task. (BBC)

In fact, the other candidates sent out on the fishing boat in Cornwall with her look decidedly irritated, especially Aaron Willis who snaps "I know how to fish" as she tells him "there are lots of fish down there, if you're not catching them, you're not working hard enough".

Meanwhile, on the recipe and sales side it seems a fundamental misunderstanding of the business term "upsell" is destined to land one candidate in dangerous waters in the boardroom.

Akshay Thakrar and Alex Short have provided teammates Sophie Wilding, Amy Anzel and Stephanie Affleck with the ingredients to make their dish, but Anzel calls Thakrar and Short to ask what they are supposed to upsell.

<p>The contestants clash over a fishy task.</p>
Amy Anzel questions the recipe choices. (BBC)

Thakrar begins to describe marketing an Italian dish, but Wilding tells him: "No, Akshay, I don't think you understand...there's no added value product, for example chips and stuff, that we would have then been able to add like £2 to a product."

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Short goes for the age-old Apprentice tactic of digging his heels in and shifting the blame as he replies: "Look, girls, at the end of the day a decision has been made and we're relying on you to push that out now."

A baffled Affleck tells her fellow cooks: "I honestly feel like they had a breakdown in London and completely forgot what we were doing and why we're here."

The Apprentice airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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