'Apprentice' first look: Candidates fall apart in shopping channel task

Watch: The Apprentice candidates tackle the shopping channel task

An old favourite Apprentice task makes a return tonight as the candidates take on the dreaded shopping channel week.

Lord Sugar's remaining contestants are about to find that live TV broadcasting is much more difficult than it looks as they try to flog a range of gadgets and trinkets to shopping channel viewers.

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In this first-look clip from week nine of the BBC One competition, Stephanie Affleck can be seen making a valiant effort to present live but stumbles over her words as teammate Akshay Thakrar constantly interrupts her with instructions from the gallery.

While they struggle to give their clothes steaming gadget the hard sell, it looks like other candidates are having trouble identifying items that will appeal to shoppers.

<p>The contestants struggle with selling to TV customers.</p>
The contestants struggle with selling to TV customers. (BBC)

Another clip shows Harpreet Kaur and Akeem Bundu-Kamara meet an unenthusiastic reception from their teammates as they show off the items they've picked for their show.

Products include a solar-powered light-up owl ornament in a fake log, which Kaur promises will be a good draw for viewers as the presenter can "make owl noises" and a giant inflatable rubber ring flamingo.

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Kaur describes the handles of the flamingo as "heavy duty" when asked to list its selling points, but Aaron Willis and Brittany Carter look unconvinced.

Willis tells the cameras: "That flamingo...when I got told yesterday that we were going to have an inflatable flamingo, I just don't get it. I don't know who's going to buy it."

<p>The contestants struggle with selling to TV customers.</p>
Brittany Carter and Aaron Willis are unimpressed by their teammates' product choice. (BBC)

Kaur promises Willis and Carter, who are looking miserable at the prospect of touting the products on TV: "You're going to have a lot of fun."

Last week, Nicholas Showering was fired by Lord Sugar after a problem-riddled corporate away day task at Silverstone.

Showering's issues included walking a catering trolley through the middle of a client's meeting at the race track.

The Apprentice continues tonight (Thursday) at 9pm on BBC One.

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