The Apprentice winner Dr Leah on how to tackle a turkey neck this Christmas

Dr. Leah

For many of us, Christmas is a time to party and to celebrate a successful year.

The run-up to the season provides a perfect excuse to indulge in a little self-appraisal, with plenty of us booking grooming or beauty treatments so that we look our best for the rounds of festive gatherings and inevitable Instagram tags the next morning.

Of course, the cynic in me believes we should not always buy into the celebrity ‘perfection’ that’s filtered to us online but I do love having fun with photos.

However, our tech enthusiasm is having detrimental effects on our appearance as well as our sleep patterns, eyesight and mental health. As a doctor this does concern me. ‘Text neck’ is a phrase initially coined by chiropractic physician Dr Dean L Fishman, and is the painful result of too much time spent on electronic devices with our neck in an arched position. Over time, this has a negative impact on our posture and can trigger fine lines and wrinkles around the neck.

With this in mind – and driven by the fear of looking like part of the Christmas dinner with a ‘turkey neck’ as cameras catch us at our least flattering angle – many clients are now seeking solutions not just for sagging facial tissue, but for wobbly necks, too.

Simple to achieve at home

For those looking to address their lax neck skin at home I recommend the award-winning Obagi range of medical grade skincare products, as they can revitalise the delicate skin on the neck, improving its texture, addressing its elasticity, strength and resilience. I suggest treating your skin gently twice a day - morning and night - using upward sweeps, which also improves the circulation.

Warmth is always a good way to encourage the absorption of nourishing emollients, so you could also smother your neck in cream, and then wrap a cotton scarf or towel around your neck to allow it time to thoroughly sink into the skin.

You could also consider using a face mask on your neck and I suggest one which nourishes rather than strips and deep cleanses, as you want to put back rather than remove natural oils to feed the skin.

Another at-home method of caring for your neck skin include sleeping on your back – as sleeping on your side puts undue pressure on the tissues of the side you favour the most. I can always tell which side someone sleeps on at a glance as the skin will always be saggier. I know some people use an airline neck cushion to support their necks in bed and keep them in the best sleeping positon – and it helps with neck ache too.

Head to the professionals

There are also a number of effective neck lifting possibilities which can rejuvenate the sagging skin under our chin without the need to go under the knife.

I am one of the first clinicians in the UK to treat with Profhilo. This is the first injectable hyaluronic acid for skin remodelling and facial sculpting. This skin booster has a significant tightening and lifting effect on lax tissues, it can effectively be used for rejuvenating the neck and delivers great results on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments.

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to speak at a World Expert Meeting in Barcelona, held by Sinclair Pharma – the company behind the Silhouette Soft treatment, for which I am an accredited global trainer. This was because of my expertise in this non-surgical, minimally invasive thread treatment which can gently lift the skin on the neck (as well as the face). There’s no need for any time in hospital, no anaesthetic, and virtually no down time, plus there is no knife or scalpel involved.

I have spent three years developing a combination of treatments that effectively addresses skin laxity on the face and neck and is my new signature treatment – the Dr Leah Lift.

By using the latest skin-lifting technologies and non-surgical techniques, the Dr Leah Lift offers a scalpel-, Botox- and filler-free lift. By stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production, we can effectively tighten sagging neck skin, as well as the face and jowls, offering an alternative to freezing and filling.

Dr Leah Clinic is awarded the Best Cosmetic Clinic in London

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy festive season and look forward to sharing some New Year detox tips for your skin to help you overcome any festive indulgences when next you hear from me.

Meanwhile if you do want some help or advice please contact me via