The Apprentice's Alana Spencer hospitalised after breaking ribs

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Alana Spencer broke four ribs falling off a ladder credit:Bang Showbiz
Alana Spencer broke four ribs falling off a ladder credit:Bang Showbiz

'The Apprentice' winner Alana Spencer has been admitted to hospital after breaking four ribs in a freak accident.

The reality TV star-turned-cake shop mogul shared a picture of herself lying on a stretcher on Instagram and told her followers she'd been injured while carrying out "manual work" at one of her businesses.

She wrote: "People often ask me why I insist upon doing all of my own manual work and have been telling me for years that I should always hire professionals instead.

"Well, today, for the first time ever, I think I'm prepared to admit…that they may be right!"

She then added the hashtag "fourbrokenribs".

The picture showed Alana lying on a stretcher on the floor surrounded by paramedics. She later gave an update and revealed she'd taken a tumble from an eight foot ladder while she was decorating the inside of a new store in Carmarthen.

She explained she'd been putting up some fairy lights and joked the ladder came off worse.

In the video, Alana said: "We set ourselves four weeks to get this ready and open for the public, however, plot twist in a bid to do a lot of the work myself I took a bit of a tumble off the top of an eight foot ladder and have actually fractured four ribs.

"I think the ladder probably came off slightly worse than I did ..."

She went on to admit the accident means she's going to have to postpone the opening of the cake shop, saying: "We are probably going to have to push back the opening of the store by a week. So we're aiming for the 24th June so only one week extra to wait. I promise you it'll be worth the wait ...

"I also promise you I won't be getting back up a ladder to put up any more fairy lights ... so if there's a gap in the ceiling where those lights should be, you know why."

Since winning Lord Sugar's show 'The Apprentice' in 2016, Alana has expanded her cake and chocolate business, Ridiculously Rich, opening a number of shops around Wales with locations in Aberystwyth, Llandudno and Caernarfon.

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