These Apps Are Going To Overhaul Your Mornings

by Nina Zietman, commercial writer

When Monday morning rolls around, we all need motivation to get us out of bed.

Good news is, the latest in technology means that it doesn’t need to be a shrill alarm that jolts you from sleep each day.

From the latest calming meditation app to minute-by-minute weather updates, download these to make the start to your week a lot smoother.

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Fancy learning to meditate but don’t know how? Buddhify is the latest
mindfulness app everyone is talking about.

Meditation is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, perfect when your Monday morning gets off to a rocky start. Simply choose a meditation session
suited to your current activity and time slot. You could be walking through a city with just two minutes to spare or simply browsing your phone in bed.

It’s perfect for squeezing meditation into any spare moment of your day.

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Weather apps are always inaccurate, right? Not Darksky. This hyperlocal weather forecast tool tells you the exact weather in your location, to the minute.

You can easily choose when to pop out for lunch or run for the bus without getting drenched. It also tells you the temperature and wind speed, so you can work out whether it’s a coat day or not. 

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List lovers will go ga-ga over Wunderlist, the best app for cataloging your daily tasks. You can make lists for anything and share them with your friends
and family.

Whether you’re collaborating on holiday plans with your mates or creating important project to-do lists for work, you can access them from any device. Set reminders to make sure you don’t forget that important meeting or to buy cat food.

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After a busy weekend, the last thing you want to think about is meals for the week ahead. Never fear.

Just see what’s in your cupboard and let Handpick do the hard work. This award-winning app selects recipes from top-quality blogs and websites based on the ingredients you’ve already got in stock.

It really does pick out some delicious recipes – from garlic parmesan pasta to honey-glazed Asian chicken drumsticks. Handpick is especially useful at the end of the month when money is low and you need to make use of the leftovers.

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There are so many fitness apps, but how many of them do you actually use? Sworkit is regarded as one of the most popular fitness apps out there – it’s super simple and tailors workouts to your time allowance.

Choose from strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. Alternatively, pick a playlist to work on something specific like six-pack abs or yoga for beginners. You don’t need any equipment, you can do these exercises in your home. 

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If you thought Google Maps was good, think again. With crowd-sourced alerts from drivers on the road, Waze shows you the best route to work, avoiding all of the Monday morning traffic.

It stops you from getting stuck in gridlock using real-time updates. If traffic builds and you haven’t even left the house, Waze will send you a message telling you to leave early.

Once you arrive, it’ll even find you a good parking spot. Clever, huh?

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Struggle to sleep on a Sunday night before work? You might want to try starting a gratitude journal. According to scientists at the University of California San Diego, writing down things you are grateful for helps you sleep, alleviates depression and even boosts your immune system.

Happier is the app version of a gratitude journal. Write down moments or thoughts that make you feel grateful to be alive every day. It can be as small as
buying sunflowers on your way to work. The app also offers short courses to help you find joy and satisfaction in your life.

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