April Showers Return After March Heatwave

Spring is reverting to type with a "hit and miss" week of sunshine and showers on its way, according to Sky's weather experts.

The record-breaking unseasonably hot March weather that bathed the UK in plenty of sunshine for weeks is to be replaced with an unsettled spell.

The usually topsy-turvy season is back to moving from one extreme to the next.

It means it may be an idea for those still enjoying the long Easter break to keep a brolly and sunglasses handy.

Temperatures are returning to normal for this time of the year, though it is likely to turn colder later this week.

The North and West will be the worst affected, while parts of the South and South East are expected to escape most of the downpours.

"There will be some heavy rain about this week, but it will be localised, so it will be hit and miss depending on where you are," said Joanna Robinson, Sky News weather producer.

"It is going to be a week of sunshine and showers. Some areas will get a lot of rain and some areas will see none at all, so you may see a deluge of rain, but you may avoid the rain altogether."

She continued: "The showers are generally more frequent towards the North and the West.

"The areas that really do need the rain, such as the South and the South East, will see fewer showers, with more places staying dry.

"Nothing is likely to affect the hosepipe ban until winter because months of rain are needed," she added.

There is also a risk of hail and thunder, according to Sky News weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar .

She said: "Some of the showers will be heavy with hail and thunder, mostly to the North and West. Southeastern England is likely to see the fewest and lightest showers."