April the world-famous giraffe has finally given birth - in April

After months of anticipation, the world’s most famous giraffe has finally given birth.

April the Giraffe became an internet sensation after zoologists live streamed her prolonged pregnancy on Facebook.

Since the stream started in February, upwards of 30 million viewers have been checking in for updates on her pregnancy.

April’s zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park in New York shared a video today which clearly show the baby giraffe’s hooves poking out of her mother’s birth canal.

You can watch every second of April’s birth on our live stream:

Park owner Jordan Patch confirmed April’s birth was imminent in a statement posted to Facebook: "We are in labour, 100%!" he said. "Cancel your plans, it's time to have a baby!"

Now that April's fourth calf is finally delivered, staff at Animal Adventure park will be holding a competition to name her.

Giraffe pregnancies last for 15 months, but their labour is comparatively speedy: the calf emerged just a few hours after her hooves were first spotted.

Newborn calves generally weigh 150lb, and stand 6 feet tall.

After April has raised her baby naturally and it has weaned itself after six to 12 months, it will move on to another facility for safety.

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