'The Archers' marks Queen's death with tribute scene

Lynda Snell spoke about signing a book of condolence in The Archers. (BBC)
Lynda Snell spoke about signing a book of condolence in The Archers. (BBC)

The Archers has marked the death of the Queen in a specially recorded scene that included two of its longest-running characters remembering her.

On Sunday's episode of the BBC Radio 4 soap, listeners heard Lynda Snell and Lilian Bellamy sharing memories of the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

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As the characters chatted about the Queen's passing on Thursday, Lynda (played by Carole Boyd) said: “When you think of our lives since then, and everything that’s happened to us, the Queen has always been there – she’s just always been there."

Lilian Bellamy reminisced about the Queen. (BBC)
Lilian Bellamy reminisced about the Queen. (BBC)

Lilian, played by Sunny Ormonde, said: “Steady as a rock. It’s going to be strange without her, I think.”

Lynda agreed: “It’s going to be very different without her."

The pair also spoke about having signed a book of condolence that was in the Ambridge village hall, the fictional village where The Archers is set.

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As she tearfully talked about what she had written, Lynda said she hadn't been sure how to express her feelings but had gone for: “'Dearest Ma’am. Rest in peace. You were an inspiration.'

“Do you think that was enough?”

Lilian replied: “Yes, I think that was perfect.”

Queen Elizabeth II (PA)
The Queen's death was marked by the radio soap. (PA)

The Archers, which has been broadcast on BBC radio since 1951, has more episodes than any other continuing series in the world and has featured a couple of royal cameos in the past.

Princess Margaret appeared in June 1984 as the surprise guest at a fundraising fashion show for the NSPCC in the ballroom of Ambridge’s local hotel Grey Gables, while the then Duchess of Cornwall – now the Queen Consort – appeared in her role as president of the National Osteoporosis Society in February 2011.

Camilla and the then Prince of Wales, now the King, made cameos in BBC One soap EastEnders earlier in the year when they popped up as guests of honour at a street party organised by Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

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