Archie Mountbatten-Windsor's Godparents Were a Closely Guarded Secret

Amy Mackelden

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It was previously reported that the identities of baby Archie's godparents would be kept a secret. However, royal correspondent at The Times, Roya Nikkhah, has confirmed three of the people chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to be godparents to their son.

Prince William and Kate Middleton picked close friends and relatives to be the godparents of their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. It's always been assumed that Harry and Meghan would follow suit, and bestow some of their best friends with the honor of being baby Sussex's godparent. And just as Meghan isn't Prince Louis' godmother, it's believed that Kate isn't a godparent to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first child, either.

Here, we take a look at the people currently confirmed to be Archie's godparents.

Tiggy Pettifer

Tiggy Pettifer, née Legge-Bourke, was a beloved nanny of both Prince William and Prince Harry. She's long been rumored as one of Archie's godparents, and Nikkhah reported in The Times that Pettifer is one of "two Britons who played key roles in bringing up Harry and his brother William after the death of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales."

Having played such an important role in Harry's life, it makes sense that the duke would want her to oversee his son, too.

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Mark Dyer

Much like Pettifer, Mark Dyer also played a crucial role in the young lives of Harry and William. Per The Times, Dyer was "a former equerry to the Prince of Wales who became a mentor and close friend to Charles’ sons."

Prince Harry has often been photographed with Dyer, and it's clear that the duke remains close to his dad's former staff member.

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Charlie van Straubenzee

People previously mused that Harry would select one of his closest childhood friends, Charlie van Straubenzee, to be the godparent of his child. Royal fans will remember that Meghan and Harry attended Charlie van Straubenzee's wedding in August 2018, on the Duchess of Sussex's birthday weekend.

The Times confirmed that he had, in fact, become one of Archie's godparents.

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