Archway power cut: Blackout in north London leaves 1,000 people in darkness

Francesca Gillett
Blackout: Archway has been plunged into darkness: Anke Holst

Hundreds of residents in north London were tonight plunged into darkness and a Tube station was forced to shut after a power cut.

More than 1,000 people were affected in a blackout in Archway on Thursday evening as lights went out in homes, pubs and shops and the Tube station closed.

Power went out at just after 6pm and engineers are currently working to get the lights back on.

UK Power Networks said an underground electricity cable had "faulted", leaving 1,022 customers affected.

They estimate power will be switched back on between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

Darkness: Residents were forced to prepare dinner by candlelight. (Nick Barker)

At around 7.40pm, some homes began to see their power come back on and Archway Tube station reopened - but others continued to remain in darkness.

Nick Barker told the Standard: "We're in Archway and arrived home to our entire neighbourhood shrouded in darkness.

"Was really eerie actually, not being able to hear people's TVs and having people with doors open looking about was definitely different.

"We only had to put up with no power for about 20 minutes."

He added: "My downstairs neighbour is blind and he was without power for nearly two hours and wasn't able to use his special phone to call anyone and he was literally left in the dark."

Hannah Jones called the blackout "freaky" and said: "The whole of Archway is out of power".

Another Twitter user took a photo from inside a kebab shop which was continuing business as usual - but in candlelight.

UK Power Networks apologised on Twitter for the interruption to peoples' evenings.

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