Are Buccaneers changing uniforms? Social-media post hints at a change

If you did a poll for the worst NFL uniforms, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would get plenty of votes. Probably the most votes.

The alarm clock look isn’t great, and maybe Tampa Bay wants a reset. A social-media post by the team seemed to tease that there is a change coming.

At this point the Buccaneers better be announcing a uniform change soon, because the video sparked a lot of excitement among the fans for something new.

Video teases new Bucs unis

The video doesn’t show a new uniform, but it teases it. A man enters an empty Raymond James Stadium with a paint set and starts looking through some old newspapers with headlines like “Uniform Effort,” “Return to Glory” and “Bucs’ new uniforms mold old with the new.”

If that’s not leading to a uniform change, it’s an odd trailer for something else.

The Buccaneers' new uniforms haven't been popular since their 2014 release. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

Are the new unis on the Bucs’ site?

Reports from media covering the Buccaneers all said the team had no comment on if the team was changing uniforms. There was a lot of sleuthing on social media about the new uniforms. The Buccaneers’ site has a page titled “New Buccaneers Uniform” that shows multiple looks at what looks like a slightly updated version of the team’s previous uniform. That kit is familiar as the one from its lone Super Bowl championship team.

( screen shot)

Nobody would complain if the Buccaneers just took the L and went back to what they wore in the Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks era. Unless it’s a fan holding out hope for a return to the creamsicle uniforms.

The Buccaneers tried something new in 2014 with their uniform release. It didn’t go over well. If what they posted on social media is a tease for another change, nobody would mind.

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