Are Jedward REALLY going to make a record with Dido?!

It’s probably the biggest musical mismatch since Elton John and Eminem were persuaded to share a stage together at the Emmys.

Dido and Jedward

If rumours are true, we could be shielding our ears from the sound of lovable X-Factor twins Jedward and Dido teaming up to make sweet music together.

Yep, that’s Jedward and DIDO, the singer-songwriter who shifted a shedload of CDs (remember them?) in the 1990s with her not-at-all-depressing tales of relationship breakdowns and ex-boyfriends.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?


Jedwood sparked the rumours by sharing a throwback picture on Twitter of the three stars backstage at the Children in Need TV special three years ago. Dido is snapped between the two brothers alongside the teasing words: “We’ve Been Waiting @didoofficial GET ON THAT MIC”

So could it really happen? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time the Irish brothers have teamed up with an unlikely musical partner. Remember when they joined Vanilla Ice to belt out a mash-up of “Ice Ice Baby’ and Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’?

What do you mean you were trying to forget?


Jedward are currently busy rehearsing for a one-off gig celebrating their 25th birthdays at the O2 in Islington later in the year. It’s now seven years (SEVEN YEARS!) since the brothers had their big break on The X Factor.

So what’s Dido’s response to all this, you’re probably wondering? Well, her Twitter account has been strangely silent, presumably hiding under a table until the whole sorry affair goes away.

We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out, Dido.