Area called 'downtown London' by Americans but real Londoners left fuming

Spitalfields Market
-Credit: (Image: Maremagnum/Getty Images)

A Londoner has been enraged by an American tourist on TikTok calling an area of London 'downtown London'.

The original video by @_mattmarshall shows him eating a vegan and gluten-free dessert which he picked up from a stall in Spitalfields Market. In the video, he says that the market is in 'downtown London' which has infuriated another TikToker called @plantainmoney.

In her response video, she pleads with Americans and Canadians - Which @_mattmarshall is one of - to stop saying some areas in London are 'downtown' as she says 'There is no such thing as downtown London' and that people need to stop trying to 'Americafy' everything.

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Anyone who knows the famous market knows is technically in East London, a stone's throw from Liverpool Street and Brick Lane. @plantainmoney states that fact saying: "It's East London. There's South London, there's West London, there's North London, end of f***ing story."

Many people in the comments agree and are as confused about the comment of 'downtown London'. One person said: "if someone said ‘downtown London’ to me I couldn’t even guess where they would be talking about."

Another person said: "Downtown London irks me so much! WTF DOES IT EVEN MEAN!!! London isn’t even a town? There is no area in London called downtown."

Others have been joking about where they would send people if they asked to go to 'downtown London'. One person said that they would 'send them to Peckham' whilst someone else said 'imma send them to Hackney '.

Another confused soul asked if downtown London is 'where Downtown Abbey is?'. Your guesses are as good as mine.

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