Argentine Vice President Greets Supporters Before Assassination Attempt

Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greeted supporters outside her home late on Thursday, September 1, before a gun was pointed at her face.

Video filmed by Instagram user Martin Mendez shows Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina’s current vice president, greeting a crowd of supporters outside her residence in Recoleta.

In viral footage taken shortly afterward, a gun can be seen pointing toward her at close range. According to Pagina12, Fernandez de Kirchner was physically unharmed.

Local media reported the suspect, 35-year-old Brazilian Fernando Andres Sabac, was taken into police custody.

President Alberto Fernandez called on Argentinians to repudiate hate speech and violence, saying they were incompatible with democracy. He declared Friday a national holiday so that people could “express themselves in defense of life, democracy, and in solidarity with our vice president.” Credit: @mendezmartinokis via Storyful

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