Ariel Winter Believes People Should Stop Focusing on Celebrities Being Role Models

This week, Ariel Winter appeared on the new late night show Truth & Iliza and talked about how she thinks the media’s portrayal of women is extremely unfair. Winter said that she thinks “the way the media portrays women is really disgusting, that it really needs to change.”

The Modern Family actress also criticized how celebrities are basically forced to be role models to their fans. “I think people should be focusing less on having celebrities be role models for their kids, and be focusing more on how to teach their kids to be an individual and not follow a celebrity,” she said.

In terms of her career, she pointed out how the press never highlights her as a good actor but only wants to talk about what she is, or isn’t, wearing. “For a lot of things I do, you’ll never see a headline that says, ‘Ariel Winter, see her do really well in this latest episode of Modern Family, she had a great scene with this character,'” she noted.

They also discussed how the 19-year-old recently received a ton of backlash for wearing a tiny dress on the red carpet.

The cast of Modern Family at the YFC Event. (Photo: AP Images)

“It was actually interesting for me because I had no idea of the dress code,” she said. “I saw a dress I really liked, and I was like, ‘I really like this, I think it would be great for it.'” The rest of the Modern Family cast even thought Ariel looked great, but the media, unfortunately not so much. Winter added, “I would like to say I was shocked that the next day the headlines were about my dress, but I wasn’t. … I’m so over it, it’s more disappointing to me that that’s what we’re talking about.”

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