Arinze Kene joins Hollyoaks

Arinze's Hollyoaks co-star Jamie Lomas

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Former 'EastEnders' actor Arinze Kene is set to join 'Hollyoaks'.

The 24-year-old actor - who played bad boy Connor Stanley on the BBC One soap - will portray another shady character in 'Hollyoaks' as he takes on the part of Rocco, a friend of Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) who threatens Riley Costello's girlfriend when the footballer loses a bet to him.

Rob Norbury - who plays Riley - told Inside Soap magazine: "Warren introduces Riley to a mate called Rocco, and they start betting on things. The bets get bigger every time, and when Rocco offers his house is Spain for a week, Riley stakes his dad's prized England cap.

"It's such an awful thing to do because the England cap means so much to his dad. It's the last thing Riley would ever want to do to his dad and he's in bits about it."

During his time in 'EastEnders' Arinze caused trouble when he became involved in a love triangle involving Whitney Dean (Shona McCarty) and her step-grandmother Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson).

After Carol's daughter Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) discovered the pair's steamy affair, she attacked the love cheat leaving him unconscious.

While the rest of the family tried to conceal her actions, furious Connor wasn't prepared to let her get away with the attack and revealed all to the police, who immediately arrested the young mum.

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