Arizona Man Gives Christmas Lights a Disney Twist With Little Mermaid Display

An Arizona man added a little extra magic to his festive light display with a Disney theme, footage shared earlier this month shows.

Antonio Silvas, who lives in Goodyear, decked out his home in a Little Mermaid-inspired light display, which featured life-size cutouts of some of the movie’s most well-loved characters, including Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, and the villainous sea witch Ursula.

Silvas told Storyful that the display is made up of 12,000 LED lights that change color, and took about two weeks of work to install.

He said that he first started creating light displays when he would put his grandma’s lights up as a kid.

“As a child [we] would go looking at light displays for the holidays. I told myself I would have something like that at my house if I could. Thanks to all the inspiration I saw as a child, I get to give back memories others can enjoy, too,” Silvas said.

According to local media, Silvas decorates his home with characters from a different Disney movie each year. He told Storyful that this year’s Little Mermaid light show is dedicated to his sister, who recently died. Credit: Antonio Silvas via Storyful

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