Arizona Police Rescue Man With Helicopter

Mesa, Arizona, police rescued a man from a river by lifting him out with a helicopter on Thursday, March 2. This video shows the moment the man grabbed onto the skid of the helicopter and was lifted to safety.

Police received a call from a walker who heard someone calling for help in the area of the Salt River and the Rio Salado Pathway, according to police. The police air unit responded and located the victim perched on debris near the north side of the river bottom. He told officers he could not reach the shore because of the current of the river.

The senior pilot then maneuvered the helicopter over the victim, and he held onto the skid to be lifted to safety where officers and medics helped him, police said. The victim showed no sign of injury, though he was cold and wet.

The man had been living in the river bottom when water was released during recent heavy rains, according to police. He attempted to rescue his belongings from an island in the river via a small raft, but he was then swept away by the rushing water. Credit: Mesa Arizona Police Department via Storyful