Arkansas Police Officer Pays for Family's Shoplifted Groceries

Field Training Officer Kenneth Martin of the Fort Smith Police Department went beyond the call of duty on November 30, 2019, when he personally purchased the groceries that a family had attempted to shoplift from Walmart, according to local reports.

Officer Martin says in the video that he and a colleague were at Walmart buying sports equipment for Toys for Tots when they received a call for the location. A male suspect was apprehended and handcuffed, but Officer Martin decided he would go ahead and purchase the items that hadn’t been paid for and give them to the family.

“They’re stealing food for the kids. I mean, I have to take him to jail but I don’t have to make the kids think I’m a [censored],” says Officer Martin to Walmart employees in this video.

He brought the items over to the woman and children and told her he understood. “If y’all need help, ask for help, OK? Don’t do this, not with these babies.”

Martin was awarded the Fort Smith Police Department’s employee of the month award in January. Credit: Fort Smith Police Department via Storyful