Emotional armed forces veteran recounts time he made supper for the Queen

Watch: British Army veteran mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth II

An armed forces veteran has recalled cooking a lamb supper for the Queen as he paid an emotional tribute to Her Majesty.

Archie Ferguson, who attended Buckingham Palace on Friday to pay his respects, was asked by Yahoo News for his favourite memory of the Queen, who died on Thursday aged 96.

He said: “I think cooking for her.”

Mr Ferguson said the event happened towards the end of his time in the army when stationed at the Horse Guards Parade.

Archie Ferguson: 'She was a wonderful Queen.'
Archie Ferguson: 'She was a wonderful Queen.'
Veteran Archie Ferguson shared his memory of cooking for the Queen. (@paulphln)
Veteran Archie Ferguson shared his memory of cooking for the Queen. (@paulphln)

“I was invited to the garden party here, and detailed to make supper for the Queen.” Items on the menu included Scottish salmon and Welsh lamb, he recalled.

Asked how he felt upon hearing the news of the Queen’s death, Mr Ferguson said: “Sad and glad.”

Asked why he would be glad, Mr Ferguson broke down in tears and said: “That she had a quick departure.

“I had 10 years nursing my wife with Alzheimer's. That’s a long time and it’s cruel.

TOPSHOT - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and new Conservative Party leader and Britain's Prime Minister-elect Liz Truss meet at Balmoral Castle in Ballater, Scotland, on September 6, 2022, where the Queen invited Truss to form a Government. - Truss will formally take office Tuesday, after her predecessor Boris Johnson tendered his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo by Jane Barlow / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JANE BARLOW/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
The Queen inviting Liz Truss to form a government on Tuesday, two days before her death. (AFP via Getty Images)

“Whereas the Queen was introduced to the new prime minister one day and the next day she was gone.

“She didn’t spend a lifetime of suffering, or many years of suffering. There’s a million people in this country with Alzheimer's and so that’s why I am glad she didn’t suffer. She was alive today, gone tomorrow.”

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Crowds of well-wishers left tributes at Buckingham Palace on Friday (@paulphln)
Crowds of well-wishers left tributes at Buckingham Palace on Friday (@paulphln)

Asked about the significance she had on his life, Mr Ferguson added: “Being in the forces, she was our boss, if you like. She was a wonderful Queen, she was a great example, she was full of wisdom.

"I wish she could give it to some of our leaders!”

Of Charles, the new King, he added: “I hope and pray he does well. I wouldn’t like to start a job at [73]!”

Charles had earlier received heartfelt condolences from the public when he arrived at the palace for the first time as the nation’s new monarch.

Filming by Paul Phelan