Armed police storm couple's house and hold them for four hours - after mistaking TV remote for a GUN

Michelle Malone, 46, at her home in Hereford with the tv remote control a paramedic mistook for a gun (SWNS)

A couple are suing police after armed police stormed into their home at 1am - having mistaken a TV remote for a gun.

Ten armed officers wearing body armour, along with eight uniformed police and a dog handler burst into Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams's flat at 1am in the morning.

They were taken from their home in Hereford and put in a cell where they were quizzed by a detective for four hours before being released without charge.

The police also conducted forensic fingertip search of the property, after paramedics who visited the previous day wrongly suspected Mr Abraham was holding a firearm.

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Police had responded to a report by a paramedic who had attended the house earlier that evening after Michelle suffered a panic attack. The paramedic believed he had spotted Keith holding a firearm in the bedroom.

But Michelle, 46, explained how Keith, 44, had been watching TV in bed at the time of the medic's visit - and the only thing he had been holding at the time was a remote control.

She said: "I just remember running out of bed after hearing a bang like and earthquake and seeing police pointing guns at Keith, who was up against the wall.

"We were held at the station for four hours but released without charge, but I couldn't believe it when I heard they were searching for a gun. I've never had a gun in my life - I've never even seen one before.

"We received no apology and I just feel violated by their intrusive actions."

Michelle, a former prison custody officer, is now taking legal action against West Mercia Police and has complained to the IPCC after she suffered concussion, which she says was a result of police's heavy-handed tactics. 

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She added: "I suffered bruising and concussion because of how forceful they were and to treat a woman in her bed clothes with such degrading manner was embarrassing and upsetting.

Keith, a forklift truck driver, said when they were released from Hereford Police station he was forced to walk home in just his vest and boxer shorts.

The couple are also demanding an apology from West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) who have since launched an internal investigation into the paramedic who called police.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating the complaints raised by Michelle and Keith.

She said: "Police were called to an address on Sherbourne Close, Hereford, at around 1am on 24 June, following a report that a man inside the property was seen with a handgun.

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"As is standard procedure with firearms reports, the incident was fully risk assessed and armed police were sent to the property in order to minimise any threat or harm to both the public and the officers attending the scene.

"On arrival, the property was fully searched and although the original call to police was made in good faith, no firearms were found at the address.

"We have already spoken to Ms Malone about her complaint and are currently investigating her concerns over her treatment on the night of the incident."

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: "WMAS has received a formal complaint regarding the incident in Hereford. It would be inappropriate to comment further while an investigation into the complain is ongoing."