Army personnel rescue baby elephant from water tank in northeastern India

In a touching rescue, army personnel in east India saved an injured baby elephant that had gotten lost before falling into a water tank.

The baby elephant was wandering near Narangi Cantonment, Guwahati, Assam, when it was separated from its mother and herd, and fell into the tank on November 17.

Officials reported that a morning parameter patrol of the 14 Ammunition Depot found the lost baby stuck in a drain near the boundary of the depot, visibly in great pain and discomfort.

The mother of the injured baby was also present and had leapt into the tank to save its drowning infant.

The Commandant of the depot, Colonle Sanjiv Vohra was informed, who immediately activated a Quick Reaction Team, who participated in a three hour rescue from around 7:30am to 10:30am.

Footage from the scene shows a combination of ropes and heavy machinery being used to lift the baby free, while the adult mother tries to push from the back.

The calf was successfully removed and transported to a makeshift shelter, and the Forest Department was informed of the events.