Arndale cafe launches spicy challenge to win a year of FREE goodies

Creams Chilli Vanilly Latte
Creams Chilli Vanilly Latte

Creams Cafe Manchester Arndale is set to launch a chilli challenge, with the most hardcore customer winning free Creams for a whole year.

The cafe will be giving away free samples of its new Chilly Vanilly Latte all day on August 17, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’ ahead of a challenge on the same day that will see one customer with a year of free Creams.

The iced coffee is blended with chilli and vanilla syrup and topped with whipped cream and chilli powder. Available in three heat levels, ranging from ‘British Summer (mild), ‘Scorcher (medium)’ and ‘Heatwave (hot)’; there’s a level for everyone one.

Creams Chilli Vanilly Latte
Creams Chilli Vanilly Latte

The cafe is one of only six exclusive locations where the competition will be running. Those taking part will be challenged to top up their latte extra chilli drops and be in with the chance to win free Creams for a whole year, all by snapping and sharing .

To enter the #CreamsChilliChallenge customers must purchase a Chilli Vanilly Latte from Creams Cafe Manchester Arndale, and see how many extra chilli drops they can add to the drink.

Next, snap a pic with the #chillometer or the Chilli Vanilly filter and share on social media using the hashtags #chillometer and #creamschillichallenge and tag @Creamscafeuk, for a chance to win free Creams for a year.

The cafe say ‘This is the ultimate challenge for spice kings and queens everywhere.’

This spicy creation is part of Creams Cafe’s new retro-inspired summer menu.