Arnold pub manager's plea over mystery of Vauxhall Astra left outside for over 2 weeks

The Vauxhall Astra left abandoned at The Burnt Stump Inn
-Credit: (Image: The Burnt Stump Inn)

The manager of a rural Nottinghamshire pub has issued an appeal to try and find the owner of a Vauxhall Astra that has been left outside the premises for more than two weeks. Gemma Fisher, who is in charge of The Burnt Stump Hill in Arnold, said the vehicle had been abandoned in an "inconvenient" spot near the entrance on May 23.

"I wanted to reach out to people and see who the car belongs to. The last thing I want is the owner to incur any cost," she said.

The pub, situated off Burnstump Hill, posted a photo of the silver car on Facebook and urged its owner to get in touch. Many commenters said police should carry out a welfare check on its owner, but Ms Fisher said the case had already been reported and found not to be a concern.

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"People have broken down here before but they usually pop their head in. It's unique that it's been there for so long," she continued.

"I left it because I thought they might be struggling to get back here. It's parked in a bit of an inconvenient place, if they get in touch we'd move it. It's by the exit so if someone was to come round a little too fast they could damage their car.

"You don't want anyone to do that." Ms Fisher said one person contacted them saying they saw two people pushing it up the hill.

She added: "We ideally want to move it to a safer location in the car park, I'm more than happy for it to be kept there for longer."