Arnold Schwarzenegger in First 'Aftermath' Trailer: Is an Apology for a Shattered Life Too Much to Ask For?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently keeping busy by getting C-list stars to jump through all sorts of reality-TV business-world challenge-related hoops as the host of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice. This April, however, he’ll be back where we know him best, on the big screen, in Aftermath, as a grieving husband/father who’ll relentlessly pursue the man responsible for the death of his wife and pregnant daughter in a midair collision — for an apology. Watch the new trailer for the film, “inspired by true events,” above.

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In the clip, we see Schwarzenegger as a loving father whose life is shattered by the accident. Insurance companies coldly offer to compensate him with about $160,000 for his loss  — but what he truly wants is the air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy) whose negligence caused this catastrophe to tell him he’s sorry, a desire complicated by the fact that McNairy’s airline employee has gone into hiding after threats on his life.

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While the preview above does its best to imply that Schwarzenegger’s mission will be one of violent revenge, Aftermath — directed by Elliott Lester, who previously helmed the quite good Jason Statham film Blitz — is likely a tale that ends not in violent score-settling but in forgiveness and redemption. We’ll know soon enough what Schwarzenegger is truly up to; Aftermath reaches theaters on April 7.

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