Around 100 UN Nationals evacuated by Military Plane from Sudan, French Armed Forces Say

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres thanked the French government for their assistance in evacuating UN nationals from Sudan on Thursday, April 27.

Footage shared by the General Staff of the French Armed Forces shows evacuation flights from Sudan in Djibouti and at N’Djamena International Airport in Chad on April 27 and 28 respectively. The caption stated that “around a hundred” UN nationals evacuated.

Guterres said that more than 70 UN personnel, dependents, and other nationals were flown from El Fasher in Darfur, Sudan, to N’Djamena, Chad, on April 27.

The evacuation flights were part of France’s Operation SAGITTAIRE, which has successfully evacuated more than 900 people of French and other nationalities from Sudan. Credit: General Staff of the French Armed Forces via Storyful

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