Around the World in 80 Days star on exciting scale

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Photo credit: Tudor Cucu - BBC
Photo credit: Tudor Cucu - BBC

Around the World in 80 Days' scale is off the charts, according to Phileas Fogg himself David Tennant.

Scheduled to premiere on BBC One today (December 26), this small-screen adaptation of Jules Verne's classic adventure tale whizzes audiences off on a journey traversing South African, Romanian and American regions, to name a few.

Ahead of the show's unveiling, the Scotsman caught up with Digital Spy.

Photo credit: Tudor Cucu - BBC
Photo credit: Tudor Cucu - BBC

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"It's been such a particular journey to get this made, for obvious real-world reasons. It will always sit in the memory," Tennant began.

"The scale of it was very exciting. It had scale and it was pretty much all happening on camera. There's very little, comparatively to the sort of story this is, very little told on green screen.

"Things were made bigger and we didn't fly a real balloon but on the whole, things happening in real places, real-time, and that's increasingly rare, especially for a story like this, which travels the world."

Photo credit: BBC / Slim 80 Days
Photo credit: BBC / Slim 80 Days

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Further along, the former Doctor Who favourite expressed his love for the location work.

"There was such a range of locations and it felt like we really went on a journey. It was a story of the week, really, and every one of those had a different cast list and a different set of circumstances, and a different location.

"It was a jolly good romp to film as well as to watch back."

Let's grab a leftover turkey leg and see what all the fuss is about.

The first two episodes of Around the World in 80 Days air today from 5.50pm on BBC One.

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