Arrested Development star David Cross responds to allegations of racism

Jacob Stolworthy
Getty Images for The New Yorker

David Cross, star of hit comedy series Arrested Development, has responded to allegations of racism made by actor-writer Charlyne Yi.

Yi recounted her experience of first meeting Cross - best known for playing Tobias Funke on the sitcom - a decade ago claiming the comedian made repeated racial remarks.

In a series of tweets, Yi wrote: “He made fun of my pants (that were tattered because I was poor). Dumbfounded I stared at him speechless and he said to me ‘what’s a matter? You don’t speak English?? Ching-chong-ching-chong'.“

She continued: “Then after he saw I was offended he asked me if I was going to fight with him karate in a southern accent.

“Then a few years later he was re-introduced to me after my comedy show with his girlfriend at the time & he said ‘Hi nice to meet you’.”

Cross responded to the accusations, writing: “This seems crazy and WAY out of character for me,” before adding: “Charlene, I don't remember this at all! It’s bonkers to me and WAY, way out of character. DM me so I can understand all of this [sic].”

He later posted a statement expressing his surprise at the allegation.

“I would never intentionally hurt someone like that,” he wrote. “I am NOT accusing Charlene of lying and I'm truly sorry if I hurt her [sic].

“I can't believe I have to write this but I am not a racist nor a bully and loathe them in real life.”

Yi - most recently seen in David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival - will appear in James Franco's The Disaster Artist alongside Dave Franco and Alison Brie.