Arrests Made as NYC Taxi Drivers’ Hunger Strike Reaches Sixth Day

Taxi drivers and allies gathered outside City Hall in Manhattan on Monday, October 25, on the sixth day of a hunger strike to demand a solution to the financial hardships they say are brought on by city policy.

The strike was organized by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, who said medallion taxi drivers have been driven to financial ruin by “unpayable medallion debt” as a direct result of city policy.

Footage filmed by Whitney Hu shows the demonstrators in Lower Manhattan on Monday afternoon calling for “justice” and “action.”

“Arrests just happened,” said Hu in the Twitter post, and tagged Zohrank Mamdani and Shahana Hanif – two elect city officials – who were part in the hunger strike. According to Mamadi’s official Twitter account, five elected officials were arrested. Credit: Whitney Hu via Storyful

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