Arrests Made as Protesters Rally at Anti-Lockdown Demonstration in London

Million Mask March protesters and other anti-lockdown demonstrators rallied in London against the second round of government-mandated COVID-19 lockdown on November 5.

Footage taken by Steve Laws shows large groups of protesters chanting “freedom,” with some donning Guy Fawkes masks and holding signs. Other video at the scene shows protesters in scuffles with police and several arrests. Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy Corbyn, was seen addressing the marchers with a megaphone.

“We’re here on an educational tour,” Corbyn says, “to let people know that the purpose of these virus controls is not to control the virus, but is to control you.”

The Met Police reported several arrests due to demonstrators failing to comply with the directions of officers.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced a monthlong lockdown on October 31, which was due to begin on November 5 and has been set to last until December 5. Credit: Steve Laws via Storyful