How Art Bezrukavenko Went From The Ukraine To A Viral Sensation

Art Bezrukavenko
Art Bezrukavenko

Who knew "Kiss or Slap" videos would be so successful?

Art Bezrukavenko is one of the latest gay content creators that's taken off on all forms of social media.

His viral man-on-the-street interviews have earned millions of views online and Bezrukavenko has quickly made a name for himself in the LGBTQ+ community.

Plus, the star has even interviewed plenty of popular adult content creators that people can't get enough of.

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Although many people are now following and watching all of Bezrukavenko's videos, his success didn't happen overnight.

Born in Ukraine, the influencer left the country at just 17 years old to start a new life in the USA. After moving a handful of times and working plenty of exhausting jobs in the food and customer service industry, Bezrukavenko started posting videos online.

Soon after, the star became a viral sensation and became more comfortable with his sexuality through his bingeable videos.

"I pinch myself a lot. I'm definitely grateful and I don't take it for granted. All I have can be gone in one day. You never know what's going to happen. For me, it motivates me to work because I know where I came from. It's important to show ourselves, especially for people who have zero rights," Bezrukavenko tells PRIDE.

As his social media presence continues to grow (he's just shy of one million followers on TikTok), the star is hoping his videos can help him bring more LGBTQ+ representation to a more mainstream level.

"There's not enough entertainment for the LGBTQ+ audience. There's a lot you can play with and I don't know why they still don't have those shows. The ultimate goal is to produce some higher quality videos."

Bezrukavenko is just one of the many LGBTQ+ influencers who's rising in popularity online. With media being mainly consumed through social media today, he's hoping the industry can evolve to represent all types of people.

"We're very fortunate to live in a time when we don't have to depend on TV. We don't have to depend on a network. If you're doing a good product, you can put it on your YouTube channel. You don't have to think about some old white man in corporate who's 70 years old. You can be your own TV!"

Fans can follow the star on TikTok here. To see more spicy moments with Art Bezrukavenko, check out the video below.

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