Art masterpiece goes up for auction alongside release of Horsham based videographer's documentary

Jonathan Truss with Last March of the Tuskers (Photo: Submitted)
Jonathan Truss with Last March of the Tuskers (Photo: Submitted)

Last March of the Tuskers, an original masterpiece by world-renowned wildlife artist Jonathan Truss, is going up for sale during an online silent auction on Tuesday 17th October 2023, with all proceeds being donated to the international wildlife charity Born Free.

The artwork immortalises one of the world's largest and most famous 'big tusker' elephants, fondly known as Tim, who sadly passed away a few years ago at 51 years old. The auction gives bidders the opportunity to acquire a piece of natural history and artistry combined.

Recognised as a true wildlife masterpiece, Last March of the Tuskers captures the majestic presence of Tim, the legendary elephant, in all his splendour. The painting's vibrant hues and intricate detailing showcase Truss' exceptional skill in bringing nature's wonders to life on canvas. Bidders will have the rare chance to own a tangible piece of art that not only evokes a sense of awe but also serves a vital conservation cause.

Last March of the Tuskers going up for auction coincides with the release of the captivating documentary 'A Brush with Nature,' directed by Horsham-based videographer Luke Sutton. Available to watch on the auction’s website, Luke’s documentary chronicles Jonathan Truss's inspiring journey to Amboseli National Park in Kenya, where he embarked on an exhilarating quest to locate and paint Tim. The film beautifully captures Truss's passion for wildlife and his dedication to preserving the legacy of these magnificent creatures.

Luke commented: “Documenting Jonathan’s journey to capture Tim the elephant’s essence in Last March of the Tuskers was a profound experience for me as a filmmaker. Through 'A Brush with Nature,' I've not only witnessed his exceptional talent and his dedication to wildlife preservation, but I’ve also hopefully been able to highlight the powerful connection between art and conservation, and help support Born Free's animal welfare initiatives – a cause close to my heart. It's a privilege to share this story, emphasising the beauty of nature and the need to protect it for the future.”

Will Travers, Co-founder and Executive President at Born Free, added: "Jonathan’s painting of Tim is a testament to the beauty and vulnerability of our planet's incredible creatures. Born Free is immensely grateful for this gesture, as the proceeds will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to protect and conserve the world’s remaining big tuskers like Tim."

The online auction, hosted at The Elephant and The Dame! | Silent Auction Items | All Lots | Powered by Givergy, will open its virtual doors to collectors and wildlife enthusiasts globally at 6.30pm as part of a special The Elephant and The Dame event hosted by Born Free’s Co-Founder and Executive President, Will Travers OBE. The evening is in honour of the charity’s co-founder, award-winning actress Virginia McKenna, who was recently made a Dame in recognition of her her tireless work for wild animal welfare. The event will include poignant memories, music, special guests as well as the latest information about the charity’s work for elephants. Bidding in the auction closes at 9pm on Wednesday 18th October.