The artisan markets you can visit in Birmingham's coolest streets this weekend

The Kings Heath Artisan Market
-Credit: (Image: Kings Heath Artisan Market)

Two of Birmingham's coolest streets will be transformed into marketplaces this weekend as the communities come together to sell local wares. The Edgbaston Artisan Market will be held on Greenfield Crescent on Saturday, June 8 while Kings Heath 's cool York Road will be the setting for the Kings Heath Artisan Market on Sunday, June 9.

Both roads made it into our list of the city's coolest streets with the local markets contributing to the overall personality of two very different parts of town. Edgbaston is known for having very strict rules for residents while by night, York Road turns into one big car-free beer garden and restaurant area!

Both spots will host local makers and artisans who will be selling food, drink, gifts and much more. Here's what you need to know about each.

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Edgbaston Artisan Market

Held between 10am and 3pm on the pretty Greenfield Crescent (B15 3AU), the Edgbaston Artisan Market is particularly good for food and drink, including baked goods, cheese, beers, chocolate and fresh produce.

What's more, the area is home to some cool cafes and restaurants, including Smoke and Ash, the pizza place with an outdoor pizza garden. At the time of writing this, the Met Office had Saturday down as a dry day so, fingers crossed.

There's free road parking for two hours but you're best to get public transport if you can. Edgbaston is on the tram route, bus routes and, if you're up for it, not that big a walk from the city centre!

Their website has loads of information, if you want to plan ahead or if you need a map. When we visit markets like this, we like to just turn up and let it all be a surprise, like the day we went to Bournville and ended up in a Disney movie!

Kings Heath Artisan Market

Part of Birmingham Artisan Markets, this place is run by local legends Pip and Matt, the team behind Pip's Hot Sauce. As a little independent food business itself, Pip's Hot Sauce created markets in Kings Heath, Bournville, the Jewellery Quarter and other destinations so that others could get out of their homes, workshops and kitchens and meet with real customers, face-to-face.

The result is wonderful and there's something particularly special about the Kings Heath one. Perhaps it's because it was the first, but the community vibe is just brilliant.

This month there are around 40 stalls selling everything from bread and cakes, clothes and jewellery, honey and, of course, Pip's Hot Sauce. Another one you're best reaching on foot if you're able, or via public transport. There is some parking nearby, if you need it.

The Met Office has Sunday down as a dry day, which will make everything much more pleasant than it would be in the rain. They open from 10am until 3pm.