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Tiny Wasteland by Péter Csákvári

Péter said he gets the figures from train model companies, but spends weeks carefully constructing each diorama and setting up the lighting before taking the photographs.
In this shot, a miniature couple sail around a sink full of dirty dishes. (SWNS)

Mini marvels! Artist creates amazing scenes with tiny figures on everyday objects

An artist has created a miniature world by pairing tiny figures with everyday objects.

Péter Csákvári spent two years working on ‘Tiny Wasteland’ after he was inspired by his work as a chef and food photographer.

Péter, 29, from Hungary, said: ‘I started my food photographer career there, but I didn’t have much work, so I combined the food photography with these little figures.

‘I found a miniature worker set in a model shop in Guernsey. I put them together with some blueberries, and that was the first picture.’

He said he wanted to create situations that people had never seen before, using mundane objects or diet staples.

Some of the scenes are ever so slightly sinister in mood.

The Budapest-based artist, whose work has already appeared in the Sony World Photography Awards at Somerset House in London, says his strange creations have been well received.

He said: ‘Everyone who has seen them already loves them.

‘They’ve been around the world. One morning I saw my pictures on a Mexican morning TV show, and on the same day my pictures appeared in a magazine in Cuba.’

Péter’s work will be exhibited in Budapest in April.