Artist makes dinosaur exhibition out of thousands of discarded plastic toys in Thailand

Thousands of discarded plastic toys have been used to make a dinosaur exhibition in a poignant warning about pollution in Thailand.

Footage taken today (September 11) of the colourful art exhibition named ''Jurassic Plastic'' in Bangkok, shows figures made from more than 100,000 brightly coloured characters laid out on the ground.

The various plastic cartoon figures, including famous Japanese and Disney characters, animals, dolls, toy cars and trains, were merged into a huge installation displaying dinosaurs at the ChangChui Creative Park.

Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji said that the installation is a warning about the deadly surge in global plastic consumption.

Hiroshi said he used dinosaurs because crude oil used to produce plastic is created partly from the fossils and bodies of the Jurassic beasts.

He said: ''I feel discomfort with plastic. I began asking why there are so many of them and then collecting them to be turned into something useful. And I didn't realise that I could collect so many.

''Plastic is a universal problem. We have to stop and think how our society consumes such a large amount of plastics and how we will carry on with it in the future? It's a serious issue that we have to solve together."

Hiroshi said that children can donate plastic toys to be used in the exhibition. They can also participate in workshops to play with and create their own plastic works of art while visiting the exhibition.

The exhibition has been previously travelled to several countries with the aim to raise awareness about the mass plastic consumption in the modern era.