Artist Pins Objects To Own Face In Obscure Photo Series

 Edu Monteiro with an octopus on his face (Caters)

A Brazilian artist has taken the idea of suffering for his art to a new level by sticking a series of bizarre objects to his face for a photographic series.

Edu Monteiro, 43, covered his face with everything from cigarettes to coal, and even an entire octopus, to create the unsettling set of self-portraits.

The artist, from Rio de Janiero, began the series by covering his face with items linked to artists he admires for his 'Autorretrato Sensorial' series.

Monteiros head covered with lycra and polystyrene (Caters)

After beginning with this approach, Edu opted to use objects that explore human's reliance on the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

He said: "The photos have a wide range of sensations, from joy to repulsion, but one thing that makes me happy is that this work enchants all ages.

Edu Monteiros head covered with plush toys (Caters)

"The impulse emerged from a sensory mask made by a Brazilian plastic artist Lygia Clark in the 1960s.

"Inspired by this I have done self-transformations instead of using the others body as Clark did.”

Having made a new work specifically for a Chinese exhibition last year, Edu is currently considering making new masks to tie in with local cultures.

Edu Monteiros head covered with soil (Caters)
 Edu Monteiros without objects on his face (Caters)